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Dog rescue stories

  • by Prady
  • 18,Jun 20
Dog rescue stories


“Charlie is originally from Oklahoma. Born on November 5th, 2017, his litter was sadly found on the side of the road just one week later. A good Samaritan scooped up the pups and pleaded on social media for someone to take in this litter of puppies. Thankfully a rescue in Colorado agreed to take in all of the puppies which is where we found Charlie, originally named Lincoln. With zero expectations of getting a puppy, I stumbled across photos online of the litter and told my husband we had to go see them. Unfortunately, when we reached out, it was too late. Someone else had already adopted him and the rest of his brothers and sisters.

However, three days later we received a call from the rescue. The previous home didn’t work out and he was back up for adoption. Without even meeting him, we agreed to adopt Charlie. Before we knew it, we were on our way to pick him up! It was the best spontaneous decision we’ve ever made! He has adapted to Colorado just in time for the snow, naps frequently, watches TV with mom and dad and has found his new best friend in our other dog.”



“I adopted Tyler when he was 6 months old from the local Humane Society where I volunteered. The shelter had very little background on him since he had been transferred there from a different rescue. He was very skinny and scared of EVERYTHING. The poor pup had to be carried out to my car after the adoption papers were complete because he was too scared to leave the building and was afraid of going outside.

Now, he’s 7 years old and his favorite thing in the world is hiking in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with me and my boyfriend. It was a long and slow process to get him to the confident, hiking companion he is today, but worth every moment to see him grow and learn to trust. He also has become quite the snuggle monster and loves to be cuddled up into a heap of blankets. Pretty impressive for a pup that used to be afraid of all people, sounds, the outdoors, etc. He’s a wonderful and special dog. We feel so lucky to have found him!”


Animal Rescue Stories

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My sweet Norton

My previous dog Matilda, the love of my life, had suddenly died in December of 2006, but I didn't feel ready to start looking for a new pooch until January of 2008. At that time, I started dipping my toe back in the rescue world and looking at Petfinder on-line. Then I received an email from my then-boyfriend (now husband) Brad. His friend LaSonia had found a little dog at an apt complex she was visiting and brought it home for safekeeping. She had been able to track down the poochie's owners, but they didn't want him back. Brad forwarded me the email thinking that I might know someone who would want a dog. That someone turned out to be me. We went and picked up Norton that next Saturday and brought him home. He turned out to be about 7 months old, with long hair, and a male. I had always said how I didn't want a puppy, and liked short-haired, dark-colored female dogs (like Matilda had been). Apparently, the universe had a different idea on the perfect dog for Brad & me. 12 years later, we still adore our long-haired, fawn-colored, male chihuahua Norton. He has had success as a pet therapy dog at an area nursing home and he brings joy to our lives every single day.

Door Prize

One night I was standing outside the front door of an arts venue discussing the movie shorts we had just seen with my friends when something brushed my leg and meowed. I reached down to pet it and felt skin and bones. With a quick goodbye to my friends, I scooped it up and jumped in my car nearby. He rode on my shoulder all the way home and has been my constant companion and morning alarm clock ever since. He has shown signs of ill treatment as he hates to have his big bushy tail touched, but has gotten better about it over the years so I can get the burrs out that he picks up in my neighbor’s garden. He is also very resistant to being brushed, but at least now he no longer bites me for it since he knows he is my spoiled not-so-little boy.

The Sun Rises and Sets Because of My Dawn

My husband and I spent months mourning the passing of Sammy, my sweet tabby boy who I met when he was hours old and stayed with me until he almost reached 19 years old. My heart was broken, but I was ready to love again. Dawn was the second cat of a pair of rescues I adopted. She tended to her frightened brother and helped him come out from under the bed. She charmed us right away, but took some time to completely let us in. Sadly, her brother passed away. When we added Winston to our family, she took him around our home and bonded with him immediately. She's been the queen bee from day one and the tender teacher to both of her brothers. The love she (and her new brother) brought to our lives is amazing.

Happiest dog ever

We got Molly at a local shelter. Best we can tell she is a Maltipoo. She was rescued from a hoarder - dirty, starving, covered in fleas, and heartworm positive. She weighed less than 3 pounds. We went through heartworm treatment with her and got her weight up to 8 pounds. She has never met anyone she didn't like and is the sweetest, happiest dog! I wanted a bigger dog, but my husband wanted her. So glad he won that argument. She is so easy to love. Wouldn't part with her for a million dollars.

2 year old doxie lost her owners

We had adopted several doxies over the years and still had one older dapple at home, and decided not to adopt more as we are retired and wanted to travel some before adopting again. Then we saw a rescue with a young chocolate doxie who had lost his home. He lost 2 1/2 pounds in a week; wouldn’t eat; was skin and bones and was in distress. We saw his picture and immediately knew we had to try to adopt him. Luckily we were able to bring him home 3 weeks later; the rescue had been able get him eating; he gained his weight back. We named him Corky. He is very loving little guy; needy; wants to be on our laps at all times and doesn’t like being alone; maybe because he is afraid of losing another family. Loves his daily walks and of course, we share our bed with both our doxies. Corky is such a well mannèred boy. Whoever had him before us trained him well. We are very lucky. With the coronavirus, we have been self quarantining, so it’s been a great time to add another dog. Can’t imagine our home without him now, and who knows when it will be safe to travel again. Nothing better than a dog’s unconditional love!

Waiting a Long Time to Heal

A couple of months after the passing of our beloved Shih Tzu "Mitzi" my wife began looking for a furry healer for our broken hearts. She found "Buddy" at our local shelter. He wasn't the "Shih Tzu" that the shelter had advertised, but she still wanted me to meet him. I went the next day with her to the shelter and I was intrigued. We still hurt from losing Mitzi, but the hour we spent in the shelter's Meet and Greet room was enlightening. Our little "Chewie" was obviously a broken soul. He only wanted to spend time with my wife, occasionally offering me a few short visits here and there. He would look out the glass window any time anyone walked by as if he was hoping they would take him out of the shelter. His fur was very matted and his aroma was not at all pleasant. My wife said that Chewie had been in and out of the shelter and foster for 3 years, since he was a puppy. I wasn't sure I was ready for a new dog and I could tell that my wife had reservations as well, but Chewie thought my wife was his mama. It was obvious. I decided that Chewie needed us as much as we needed him in order for all of us to heal. We took Chewie home that night. The next day we went to the pet supply store to get our newest family member cleaned up and looking handsome. A couple of toys and some new supplies later, we were on the road to recovery as a family. Chewie was a broken little boy and it took a long time for him to come out of his shell. We noticed him starting to follow us around the house. He would occasionally make eye contact, and the accidents in the house decreased. Then one day he wanted up on our bed. He had shown no interest in the bed before, so this was a new experience. Up he went for a spin around the bed. We knew he was coming out of his shell when we left the bedroom to finish up some chores and left Chewie up on the bed to get used to the new surroundings. A few minutes after we left the room Chewie gave a little bark. We looked at each other and asked the same question. "Was that Chewie?". We went to the bed room and sure enough, there was Chewie looking at us with that "Well...." look in his eyes. He has continued to grow and become a wonderful, happy little man-pup. It has been 5 years since our journey began and has been rewarding for us all. He is a bit of a couch potato, but that's just fine with me. He likes to sit with me on our chair and I enjoy calling "puppy paralysis" whenever I can. He is still not sure, about his sister but that's another story.

No one would adopt her

We were ready to adopt our second dog. We always have two. When we got to the shelter we asked for the least adoptable dog they had. We were shown to a pathetic little dog leaning against the bars of a cage with several other dogs. She looked terrible. She had a Mohawk sticking straight up and a deformed right paw. They said, “We’ll never be able to adopt out this one.” Of course we took her. My Mother in Law even said, “you’re not taking that one are you?!!” We had her for 13 wonderful years. Our Luci. She turned out to be one of the best dogs we’ve had. And everyone fell in love with her.

From Hoarder to High Life!

Chevy aka “Doc” joined our family in March 2008. We had seen a horrific story on the news in February: “Today 85 dogs, 20 cats and 2 birds were rescued from an animal hoarder in Ohio”. The pictures were horrendous of the living conditions and the condition of the animals. This was way too close to home and my husband and I decided then we were going to rescue one of the dogs. The local humane society needed a couple of weeks to process and evaluate them; all malnourished, many with mange or worse. My first visit to one of their Adopt-A-Thons, I broke down in tears, how could anyone do this to these poor dogs. After spending over an hour visiting with them, the “right one” was not here. I spoke with one of the volunteers and she said that they would be having another Adopt-A-Thon the following weekend with more dogs; this coming up group needed an additional week of care and nourishment. So off I went with our rescued fur baby, Beamer, the following weekend. This event was held at a PetSmart and they encouraged bringing in your existing pet for compatibility. In we walked, looking in the cages at all the unsure eyes of precious scared fur babies. Beamer quietly sat next to a cage as I looked around. The volunteer said “I think she has chosen her friend”. I turned and peered in, way in the back of the cage was this thin, black and “tan” baby, trying to make the world go away. The volunteer got him out of the cage and he sat quietly in my lap, careful not to make eye contact, nothing but skin and bones, his hair stained by urine and feces. Beamer and “Doc” connected, the deal was done. Renamed Chevy (as he was thought to be part Cavalier King Charles ~ for those that remember the “Chevy” Cavalier), he clung to his sister and began to trust me, but he was scared to death of my husband. We surmised he had been abused by a man, as both of his canine teeth were broken, probably by being kicked, and his lip was scarred & puckered. After a few months of love, patience, snuggles, and FOOD, he started to settle in. To watch a severely abused animal blossom into all that they can be is amazing and heartwarming; we couldn’t have been more proud of him. Happy months turned to happy years, but in December 2018 reality hit our happy, perfect family: we lost his sister, Beamer, and were devastated. We picked up the pieces and became a family of three, forging new roads, spending as much precious time and travels as we could together. Then 2020 came along, we had managed through the large bladder stone surgery in 2019, but now we had irritating skin growths that needed to be removed, done. March came with a diagnosis of Cushing’s disease, he took that in stride too, then along comes April… inflamed gallstone. Due to his Cushing’s he needed a specialty Dr. for that surgery; he must have decided he had had enough surgeries, as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 30, 2020. We are beyond devastated, but know that he had the BEST life ever with us and we are better humans for being his parents. Please adopt, don’t shop, as there is no truer love than from a rescued fur baby.

Old Parker

Went to local shopping centre, as we had run out of flowers for a wedding one Saturday. While there, we noticed this little white dog scrounging for food and nearly being run over; but as soon as we got close it started hurrying toward the main road. A car watch noticed me trying to tempt him with bread and that he was now moving toward the said main road, so he quietly moved towards him and made a grab. For one so small he sure could wiggle. He shouted for me to open my car door, and we quickly put him in the back - to the surprise of the passenger in the back seat who had been asleep. I found him in the parking lot; hence the name. When I got home I left him in a spare bedroom as he was still scared, and tried speaking every hour or so, and put enough food and water down. Realised by his reactions that he must have been abused, as he would duck and hide when I put hand down with his food or came towards him. Took a week before he learnt to just stand and watch. Vet at time said he was about 6, and it's now another 5 years On. Shaky a bit on his legs now, don't think he is seeing to well any more, still dodges sometimes and needs help to get on the bed, but definitely a much happier and certainly loved dog.


Our beloved golden had passed away and my son was crushed. He wanted a puppy. We went to see some puppies who had come all the way from NC to NJ. They were a fox hound and husky mix with beautiful blue eyes. We did the puppy test and picked out a puppy which we named Adelaide. We couldn’t take her home because she was to young. We received a call several weeks later that our puppy was ready to go home. When my son and I got to where the puppies were we heard this horrible noise coming from the bath area. We were worried about our puppy but they said she didn’t like her bath. It didn’t sound like our puppy. When they brought us our puppy we immediately realized it wasn’t our Adelaide, it didn’t look anything like her. We were told that this was the last puppy that they had from the litter. I wasn’t sure we should take her but my son started crying so what could I say. We couldn’t call her Adelaide so we changed her name to Addie. In her first six months we almost lost her twice because she got so sick. I think we were meant to bring her home because she might never have survived without us. Our Addiepants will turn 13yrs August!!! We are so glad we decided to bring her home!


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